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Boost Oxygen Australasia

Boost Oxygen SPORT - Large 10L

Boost Oxygen SPORT - Large 10L

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Boost Oxygen SPORT (Orange) Large Size 10L - Up to 200 seconds of oxygen per can.

Introducing BOOST OXYGEN: SPORT – The First Portable Pure Oxygen Canister Created For Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts. 

Athletes have been using supplemental oxygen for decades for performance and recovery during workouts, training and competition.  The average oxygen level in the air is 21% - the majority is 78% nitrogen.

Boost Oxygen SPORT is the combination of 95% pure oxygen and organic orange aroma.  Orange aroma (specifically Citrus Sinensis, which is the “sweet orange group”) has been independently studied and found to help exercise and performance.

Boost Oxygen is 95% pure supplemental oxygen, completely natural and safe. Unlike stimulants and energy drinks which contain caffeine and sugars that can actually harm the body over an extended period of time, Boost Oxygen provides pure supplemental oxygen in a convenient, non-prescription form.

Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen is currently the best-selling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world. A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen helps you stay at your best!

Free shipping on orders over $70!

For recreational purposes only. Boost Oxygen is filled with Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO) and not Medical Oxygen. This product is not for Medical or Prescription use.

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