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The three different sized boost oxygen cans - Large, Medium and Pocket sized


The three different flavours of boost oxygen pink grapefruit, peppermint and menthol-eucalyptus



One of the best things for the morning after a big night out! two big blasts of Boost in the morning will relieve that pinging headache and allow you to start your day off right!


Suffering from fatigue for years has impacted my ability to exercise and keep fit. Since using Boost, even on days when the fatigue is high, I am able to complete at least 30-60 mins in the gym. On the days when the fatigue is lower, Boost helps me to really push myself through harder sessions. It is a great support and one that people will quickly find a place for in their fitness program.


After years of working in the Real Estate Industry it is so great to find a portable energy source whilst I run a round the City during Inspections and Auctions. Boost Oxygen i can highly recommend to get you through your busy days!


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