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Boost Oxygen Peppermint 200 Breath (Large Size) - 3 Pack

Boost Oxygen Peppermint Large Size - Up to 200 Breaths per can.

95% pure Oxygen with the essential oil aroma of Peppermint. 100% natural. This combination helps to increase physical strength and endurance. It’s cool and refreshing aroma boosts mood, energy, mental clarity and alertness. It also works well as an appetite suppressant.

The general benefits that oxygen brings to our body includes:

  • Provides energy
  • Speeds up the body's recovery after being physically active
  • Fuels the body muscles and body tissues for normal functioning
  • Sharpens concentration, alertness, and memory
  • Detoxifies the blood and improves the immune system
  • Provides a natural remedy for hangovers
  • Promotes healing and counters aging
  • Relieves temporary altitude discomfort and jetlag
  • Lessens fatigue (both mental and physical) and creates better sleep patterns

The benefits of medical Oxygen are wide ranging and well-documented. Supplemental Oxygen from Boost Oxygen brings you all of these benefits in a convenient, portable, super lightweight and recyclable can without the need for a prescription.

Boost Oxygen is 95% pure supplemental oxygen, completely natural and safe. Unlike stimulants and energy drinks which contain caffeine and sugars that can actually harm the body over an extended period of time, Boost Oxygen provides pure supplemental oxygen in a convenient, non-prescription form.

Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen is currently the best-selling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world. A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen helps you stay at your best!

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For recreational purposes only. Boost Oxygen is filled with Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO) and not Medical Oxygen. This product is not for Medical or Prescription use.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Campbell (kecamp_4895)

Boost is part of my morning routine and during the day when I feel like I need another bit of alift

Lisa Grindle
Peppermint Boost

I find this can refreshing and eases discomfort associated with living in the midst of domestic woodheater burning - this imposed smoke has no boundaries hence I find some relief with breathing clean air from a can.