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Oxygen is one of life essentials and sometimes we just do not get enough of it in our busy lives and ‘concrete jungles’. In some major cities, oxygen concentrations have been measured as much as 30% below normal. That means that each breath brings in less oxygen.

The general benefits that oxygen brings to our body includes:

  • Provides energy
  • Speeds up the body's recovery after being physically active
  • Fuels the body muscles and body tissues for normal functioning
  • Sharpens concentration, alertness, and memory
  • Detoxifies the blood and improves the immune system
  • Provides a natural remedy for hangovers
  • Promotes healing and counters aging
  • Relieves temporary altitude discomfort and jetlag
  • Lessens fatigue and creates better sleep patterns

There are many reasons why more oxygen is better. In one study, laboratory mice that received supplemental oxygen had better T-cell counts, immune function, and lived about twice as long as mice with normal oxygen levels 1) 

1) S.M. Hatfield et al. Immunological mechanisms of the antitumor effects of supplemental oxygenation. Science Translational Medicine.­­­ Vol. 7, March 4, 2015, p. 277ra30. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaa1260