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Cheaper to buy direct from boost and avoid shipping fee.

Perfect size for going out

These tins are the perfect size to fit comfortably in your man, bag wife's handbag or a backpack for convenience and accessibility they have come in very handy for me in places that you wouldn't think you'd be having to use one and as I'm battling a degenerative lung disease and waiting for a transplant they're perfect

Great stuff

I am 62 , smoked for 50 years
I take a few breaths of boost oxygen after working hard , heart going breathing heavy .l find it helps recovery very quickly , as my body doesn't,t produce enough oxygen these days. I had a problem with faulty container , it was replaced .foc. great work from boost oxygen.

Good Stuff!

Best product out there; too bad its a little pricey.


I had not expected the use of Boost O2 before bedtime to have much of an effect, but am now able to fall off to sleep without difficulty.
Following an injury some years ago, severe pins and needles and burning sensations prevented me from falling asleep easily, but a 10 minute session of gradual Boost breathing is so unexpectedly beneficial to my ability to fall, and stay asleep.

Mr happy

Good quality products and services fast delivery

Much needed product

So handy to have when I have breathlessness.

take a breath

Great product will buy again !

pocket size oxygen can

odourless oxygen in easy ti carry and use can

Boost Oxygen Peppermint 200 Breath (Large Size)
Kevin Campbell (kecamp_4895)
Yeah it tastes good

I like the flavours and for a bonus it works as well. I do notice when I forget to have it

Great product!

This is a great product and I will definitely be ordering more!

Boost oxygen

Works for me


As a Copd sufferer I decided to try Boost and I am still investigating how it is helping me,I recently had a couple of severe attacks and certainly found it has helped.

It really works

And it doesn’t depend on the cause you are using it for. For me, I use it:
- after running (it really helps to recover your breath faster)
- during the work time (sometimes the head feels like totally cluttered especially in a stuffy office rooms - and it helps to clear and reset your mind during a short break as you’re not always presented an opportunity to have a short 10 min walk outside)
- before falling asleep (taking 3 deep breaths not only calms you, but also help you to fall asleep quicker)
So to me, this product is quite beneficial, and I buy it on a monthly basis - the pack of 3 is quite enough for a month.

Mr happy

Quality product and delivery time very happy

Good product

Product is as shown online.

Great help

A great thing to have with emphysema that is not quite bad bad enough to get home oxygen, but I struggle breathing under stress. This picks me up straight away and boosts my oxygen reading on the oximeter from 83 back up to 95. I can highly recommend this product.

The Gear from up here

Absolutely awesome stuff. I'm 43 and still train in martial arts Gym and kettle Bells, (Spartan 300), to be exact. I need a boost for training and this stuff is awesome!!!!!!.


I recommended this product to all my friends and family.


I have been using boost oxygen for some time now and I’m impressed with it

Makes some days much better

Living at a high altitude this can has become my best friend. When I am gasping like a fish out of water I grab the can, take a hit and sit for a few min... It helps.

A must have in my workout!

One puff off my portable Boost Oxygen during my workout and I feel energised and ready to get back into my workout. Boost Oxygen has taken my fitness to the next level.