Recovery Boost Oxygen


‘Hair of the dog’ ‘Big Greasy Breakfast’ ‘Berocca’ ‘Bucket Loads of Water’ these are all the wonderful things we’re tried to feel better after a big night out on the booze. Have you ever thought your body might be lacking Oxygen?

When we drink alcohol, it enters our bloodstream and causes the blood to sludge (blood molecules clump together). This then causes blood vessels to constrict, blood flow to slow and the molecules carry less oxygen, so in turn impacts your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. After a night on the booze, the liver also requires increased amount of oxygen to break down alcohol into simpler molecules and to excrete it through urine. It is an approximate value, for 10 molecules of alcohol, you would require 30 - 40 molecules of oxygen. This is why recreational oxygen can give your body the extra Oxygen Boost it needs to re-open those constricted blood vessels to your head and body (especially your liver!).

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Stress & Fatigue


Blood carries oxygen to every cell in your body to allow them to live and function properly. If we don’t get enough oxygen to those cells we can feel fatigued and tired. Stress is also a common contributor to fatigue and stress hormones can decrease the body’s ability to absorb oxygen into our blood and therefore our body tissues. Breathing recreational Boost Oxygen can help re-oxygenate tissues to help combat exhaustion and fatigue.